Sign in heaven
Fire and tongues cloven
Now a Sun (Son) clothed woman
Worshipping Christ in adoration

Crowned with 12 stars
Christ fills her heart
Moon under her feet
Satan in retreat

Dragon falls down
Before her son
Michael battles
Throws the enemy down

Earth hears the crash
As the evil brat
Attacks the church
And instead gets hurt

For upon the Rock
Christ built His church
Hell cannot prevail
Your attack will be of no avail

Those who fall on it will be broken
All who attack it will be shaken
The church will grind it’s enemies to powder
The Name of Jesus it will proclaim louder

The statue of Liberty
Forever will be free
Those who hate freedom
From this nation will flee

This is USA, home of the brave
We will fight and conquer death and the grave
Our God is undefeated and leads us on
We will follow Him to the land beyond

Rapture will occur
We will be with Jesus forever
Watch and be in prayer
Do not fear terror

God is your Shelter
No weapon against you shall prosper
In Christ we have the power
You are an undefeated warrior

Your enemies He will scatter
Their numbers don’t matter
It is over
He is here do not fear

There will be no tears
God shall wipe away your pain forever
You will no more suffer
Do not dread nor have any fear

Jesus is near
Above the galaxies you will hover
With Jesus Christ your Lover
You have obtained favor

You will live forever
A priceless crown you will wear
At the Throne of our Father
We all will gather

Watch “Vinny George English Song & Lyrics Jesus is Coming Soon O hear the trumpet Kanthan Vararai translated to English from Malayalam” on YouTube

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