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In this journey to Glory

At times we grow weary

Walking through the valley

Stopping the darts so fiery

Speak the truth they say

While lies they proclaim

The Prince of Peace they will not claim

To be their savior redeemer deliverer

They twist the truth with weapons of terror

No they will not acknowledge their Father

They kill young and old no one they favor

In the name of God they have not seen ever

Wherever they go, blood runs like a river

The voice of martyrs whose heads they sever                    

They say if you worship Jesus the Savior

We will plunder and sever your hands and finger

If you don’t come into our dome they scream

Soon you will become

Like our prophet in the tomb

But they know not that our Lord

With Him nothing so hard

Will raise us alive

When He comes in the skies

We will reign for ever

And never again wander

Like we did in the desert

For Christ is our Shepherd

You cannot drain Christ’s ocean of love

With your guns going powwow

If you kill the seed we sow

Out will sprout trees yielding many more

All those you murdered

Will reign as kings forever

While you look up from the pit

Buried in the furnace you lit

But wait, there is hope

No you don’t need any soap

To wash away your sins

And get true peace within

For the Blood of Jesus Christ will wash away your sin

That the Comforter the Holy Spirit can dwell within

Yes Jesus is waiting

For all of you Muslims

Hindus and all who listen

Who drop the bloody sword

And take the narrow road

Come back to the Word

You’ll meet Him at Calvary

He died so you may be worthy

To live in the land of Glory

Free from immorality

There is only one life t’will soon be gone

Don’t wake up in hell with a frown

Come to Jesus be washed in His Blood

His life eternal will never end

There is still time

Don’t be confused in your mind

Jesus forgives all for He alone is God

Come and make Him your Savior and Lord!

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