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Though He is God, yet down He came
God of eternal love allways the same
He didn’t come for worldly fame
But to save you by His mighty Name
If you ignore Him today
You will stand before Him on Judgement day
The fire is burning while you sleep
The ignorant dead are sinking in the deep

When Rome was burning
Nero was fiddling
When the twin towers came down
And USA did mourn
The terrorists never renounced
The wickedness they have done

The sin of omission
Is worse than the error of commission
It caused the ruins of Babylon
For the King was still drinking when all had gone
He knew not that the Persia army was at the door
He kept drinking wanting more

By not doing anything
To stop Christian massacre and crucifying
When it is in your power to stop it
And you do nothing about it
But all day long carelessly sit
Rambling nonsense
And displaying your lack of common sense

When ISIS was murdering
The nations were sleeping
Acting as if they were doing something
To stop the Christian crucifying
There was a lot of talk
But ISIS did not stop
Whole others played chess
ISIS marched ahead

While innocent blood was shed
And only loose talk was heard
No one lifted up their head
God will soon come to help
The Lion’s whelp
He will roar from heaven
And will be our safe haven

Those whitewashed tombs
That kill babies in our wombs
That say they are tired of us
While promoting a deadly virus
Will soon pay for inaction
And the sin of omission
For they cared less
And continued to play chess

We wasted our dollars
And didn’t even buy a dog’s collar
While the wicked multiplied
We were pondering if stopping terror was justified
We didn’t stop the roach
And the roach poison was a hoax
Sure, the enemy liked our callous approach

We wasted our time bargaining with the devil
While he robbed our bank and committed more evil
The enemy unleashed hell
But we believed a lie that all is well
While terrorists attacked democratic Israel
O Lord give us the Spirit to discern
The one who loves USA
From the one who follows an evil way

Now they crucify and cause pain
To the jewels for whom Christ came
And while Christians mourn their slain
The rest of the world slumbers in vain
The poison they allowed to grow
Will one day bring them low

Unless they turn to Christ
Fight for what is right
It will get worse day by day
And the callous will with their own life pay
Because for the persecuted they did not lift up their hand
And discouraged through lies those who for truth were willing to stand

Did you see the Oregon shooting?
It was an officer’s gun that stopped the looting
But what did you hear?
Only words that instilled fear
While we mourned our loved ones so dear
Call it an act of terror
Don’t muzzle truth with images in a mirror
Train US Citizens to fight so their heads don’t get severered

We enjoy our liberty
Remember this is the land of the free
We have the right to defend
Our constitution against those that offend
Citizens rule this country
We have no king we are one family

We will not turn back even if the battle is hard
We are one nation under God
USA will win with Almighty God within
May terror flee, let the fight begin
On your knees declare war
Against the devil who comes from afar

USA it is time to humble and pray
Trust not in man, let God be your stay
A tree planted by the the Living Water
Will be sustained by it’s Creator
If man does not help
Remember we are the Lion’s whelp

God is our refuge and strength
He will save USA and our families from destruction and death
Look up and lift up your heads
The King will return just like He said

We will soon be home
To join the Christian martyrs at the heavenly throne
Their blood will raise up many more
Even though their loss we mourn
A seed cannot multiply
Unless it dies
But Jesus is alive
And we’ll soon see Him in the skies

Get ready don’t put your faith in mortal man
Look up and prepare to join the heavenly band
We will return to this earth
With Jesus Christ the Eternal Word
To reign forever in New Jerusalem
For through Christ’s Blood the battle will be won

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