Question: “Why am I here”?
The answer came loud and clear
“My children, have no fear,
To my presence draw near
To become like Jesus my dear”

To those who don’t know Jesus
Almighty God who created us
You are here
To escape hell fire
By identifying your Creator
Jesus who is allways near
To hear your prayer

God is giving you time
To get back in line
With the Holy Bible
Don’t live like a beetle
Tired worn and weary
Soar like an eagle
Majestic focused fiery

You were called to live in heaven
On earth or hell is no safe haven
The lust of your eyes with hell you will pay
What you lust after will pass away
What you see will fade away

This universe will pass away
Burnt with fire fade away
God will create a new heaven and earth
Receive Jesus and new birth
Trash trash and receive new worth!

Don’t worship the new-moon
Don’t inherit this planet’s doom
Shut out fake news, to Bible tune
Jesus Christ is coming soon
To take us to our heavenly stay
Far above the milky way

Come to Jesus and know His Love
He will fill you with joy above
Come to Him and taste His Love

When we believe
Sonship we receive
When we follow
He blesses our tomorrow
When we walk by faith
And cleave on to all the “Lord Saith”
Our hand he takes
We are no more a beetle
Tired, worn and feeble
We become an eagle
Ascending with our Bible
Waiting for the trumpet sound
Truly heaven bound

Goes before us
He is our Shepherd
We have all we need
He is our Rock
From sin’s mire, we are freed

In pastures green
Us He will lead
Living waters
Meets every need

He leadeth me
Through death’s dark vale
I will not fear
For He rose again

Sometimes I weep
For my loved ones that sleep
But I know their souls He will keep
In His unfailing love so deep
Though I sow in tears, eternal joy I will reap

He saved my soul
From the rising storm
He restores me
I will fear no harm

He leadeth me
In paths so pure
He cleansethe me
And His Spirit pours

He rules this world
And the universe
When I kneel in prayer
My heart He hears
He fills me with power
He wipes away my tears

With Him all things
Are possible
He is more than able
Fear no evil
Remember you’re an eagle
Called to feast at His table

My head with oil He anoints
My cup he overflows
Goodness and mercy
Surely will follow
My enemies He will overthrow

In His house I will dwell
I will trust for all will be well
In Christ I have eternal life
I am called to be the Lamb’s precious wife




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