LOVERS vs Losers

God bless the USA

God Almighty is here today
Demons & Rats will flee Away
Patriots are here to stay

May God guide President Trump
May Truth alone triumph
Chosen by God, Stars and Stripes
To blow the Trump ahead of Christ

Trump’s election
Was no accident
God set a precedent
By anointing our President

That God ruleth in the Kingdom of men
Earth is the Lords, not rats & demons
He casts down haters
Raiseth up US lovers
God clothes the grass and flowers
And the bee that over it hovers

Evil will be of no avail
Justice over crooks will prevail
The earth will be on fire
Then the wicked will fear
The time is near

The rooster crows every morning
To give the world a warning
That Jesus Christ is coming
When all before Him will be kneeling
To give account of how they’ve been living

May those who love the USA
In the land of the free continue to stay
USA was founded on the Bible
America, soar high like an eagle
Bend knee only to God who is able

Stars and Stripes lighten the night
Honor the flag, fight for your right!
Spirit of God move upon this land
Revive USA, let evil fall by thy Hand!

The Lions roar
The Eagles soar
The prey will end up in their claws
Patriots will not suffer loss!

One nation under God
Jesus Christ is our Lord!
Many colors but one flag
In its diversity we are glad

As God’s Presence fills this land
Though demons against us band
Fire from God’s Hand
Will consume those who hate this land
Against God Almighty you cannot stand

God’s patience
Isn’t weakness
Repent before it’s too late
And you blame it on your fate

Stop buzzing like a beetle
Tired worn and feeble
Demons and rats
Snakes and bats
You will be crushed on the floor
For Jesus will open the door
Eagles will soar
Lions will roar
Our enemies cannot resist the ocean
USA is our portion
Bible is it’s foundation
We will uphold it’s constitution |

Faith moves mountains
When it resides on the Living Fountain
In the Name of Jesus victory is certain
No other Name to us is given
That can take us to heaven

In Christ all is possible
Mountains are movable
Our God is able
Read the Bible
Mount up like the eagle

Abide in God’s shadow
Don’t worry about tomorrow
For worldly loss do not sorrow
Worldly treasures are empty and hollow

But the Heavenly path is strait and narrow
Walk in it for true joy down to your bone and marrow
There you’ll find Jesus shielding you from the enemy’s arrow

Until you walk through the pearly gates on the streets golden yellow
To your jeweled home in a beautiful flowery garden singing “They that sowed
In tears shall reap in true joy, this is your eternal home, it’s all yours not borrowed”

Remember you are royalty
You were not redeemed with vanity
Jesus’ blood transformed you at Calvary
God’s Spirit dwells in you eternally

Supernatural Faith:

Lk 21:28 Lookup and lift up.your heads

Jesus goes before you:

Mark 16:4 And when they looked, they saw that the stone was rolled away: for it was very great.

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