There was a lump of clay
In a land far away from the USA
The mud was already there
Called into existence by the Creator
Mixed with elements together
By the Master designer, Sculptor and Father
Who designed each element’s nucleus
And its outer orbital shells

The clay remained lifeless
In a little spot on planet earth
Some say this spot was in Iraq
Near the River Euphrates
Then one day there was an announcement
As the universe watched in astonishment
God took the clay in His Hand
Fashioned it into a clay man and made it stand
Lifeless but tall
Perfect masterpiece above all
Reflecting the image of the Father
Destined to live together

Then came a mighty rushing wind
Into the clay doll to breathe life within
The dust began to praise
And it’s hand raise
Calling God “Father
I will love you forever”
God gave Adam a companion
The marriage took place in Eden
Between a man and a woman

So much joy before the fall
It was just an apple in a forbidden tree not so tall
If only we had known it’s consequence at all
And obeyed God’s call
There would never have been a fall

But God had a better plan
Before the human race fell in sin and from Eden was banned
He designed the new heavens and earth
Brought into existence because of Christ’s Birth
Who made us a new generation
Through His Blood Spirit and regeneration

We will become like Jesus God’s Son
Who has gone before us in 2016 and for us all battles won
Rejoice in God’s new creation
2016 will unfold in jubilation
Demons will be crushed
God’s kingdom will be rushed
The Stone from the Mountain
The Ever Living Fountain
Will crush the iron and clay
Gold, silver and bronze of yesterday

God’s order in the universe will be restored
We will live beyond 2016 until the kingdom arrives foretold
All evil powers will be dethroned

With Christ forever we will reign
Kings and priests by His Grace
We will Behold His Face
Even though this polluted universe be erased
A new heaven and earth Jesus will create
We will live forever in joy and ecstacy
Don’t let this second on earth hide eternity
Jesus came to give us abundant life
So the clay can become the Lamb’s Wife

When the Lord shouts and descends
With voice like thunder the bride will ascend
Preceded by the trumpet blast
In the arms of our Father, home at last!


Victory in Christ: http://www.njchurch.org/songs/faithworship.mp3

http://Www.calljesus.net   http://www.freepeace.net  http://www.christianity.pl  http://www.jesuspower.us


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