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1.0.      Life is fragile, handle with care

There is one life, ’twill soon be past

Only what’s done for Christ will last

As your heart is beating

The clock is ticking

When death calls you

What will you do?

2.0       Redeem the time

Don’t waste your time, your life

Lusting for money, sex and vice

For after you die, before God your soul will stand

And give account for all you did with your heart, mind and hand

Without Christ you will be tormented forever in hell

Come to Jesus now and all will be well

3.0       Stop chasing trash

Is riches, career and fame all you think about?

Remember your life will end abruptly like a fleeting cloud

Come to Jesus so life eternal abounds

Come today to Calvary’s mount

Cleansing from purest fount

So God’s Grace forever surrounds

4.0       Trash will drag you to the trash can

Seek not fame, pride, and flattery

Seek allways God’s Glory

Live for Jesus who died for you on Calvary

Pirate compromised the Truth and Herod became his friend

But both Herod and Pirate had a tragic end

Pirate lost his mind washing hands all the time

Herod eaten by worms for his bloodshed, a terrible crime

Don’t become proud and lose your mind

5.0       Don’t gamble eternity with illusions

What is true wealth?

Dollars or cents?

Are you gambling eternity not knowing your end?

Come to Jesus, His call attend

Very soon God His angels will send

To separate the just from wicked and violent

6.0       Lies from wolves lead Lamb’s to destruction

Deception of perception

Mirage and optical illusion

Your own imagination

Without Christ’s illumination

Will spiral you to hell’s destination

Lies’ conception is the pathway to destruction

Come receive Christ’s salvation

7.0       Money is not evil but chasing it is!

Love of money is the root of all evil

Because evil comes from the devil

All your wealth

Will not save you from death

Come back to God who gave you life’s  breadth

Come back to Him for spiritual health

Cling to His Hand and rise up from the depth

8.0        Power gained by money, position or deception is a black hole that gobbles stars

Power that is secular

Will bury you in despair

Kneel in prayer

Get spiritual power

Come to Him Who is Greater

Than this world’s destroyer

Escape from the clasps of Lucifer

9.0        Live high, aim high, and follow Jesus to God’s throne

If you wait on the master

You will fly higher and higher

Come to The Living Water

So thirst you will never more suffer

Riches and fame don’t matter

When you’re in ICU connected to the ventilator

10.0        Only Jesus can satisfy your thirst

Through His Spirit He will give you new birth

Receive His Grace Mercy and Glory which is true wealth

Don’t be destroyed by Satan’s stealth

Come to Jesus the Living Water

Quench your thirst eternally forever

11.0        Become a jewel in the Master’s Hand

Very little time is left for you on this earth

Come to Jesus to escape God’s wrath

He will make you a jewel and give you true worth

You were called to live above

Not at ground level like you do now

High above the clouds your eyes can see

Come to Christ and understand the mystery

12.0        Only one way to heaven

He is the only way to heaven

The only safe haven

The only one through whom salvation is given

He shed His perfect Blood so you’re sins will be forgiven

13.0        He died for you so you will escape eternal fire

Though He is God, yet down He came

God of eternal love allways the same

He didn’t come for worldly fame

But to save you by His mighty Name

If you ignore Him today

You will stand before Him on Judgement day

The fire is burning while you sleep

The ignorant dead are sinking in the deep

14.0         Feast with Jesus eternally

Jesus sits at the head of the table

You may be feeble

But with Christ’s strength you’ll be enabled

To dwell in the heavenly Jerusalem

And rejoice forever that your work on earth is done

15.0          He suffered excruciating pain for your eternal joy

Fettered with sin’s heavy chains

When we messed up seeking our own gain

On the road to destruction like a runaway train

Following death, corruption and the grave

Down from heaven He came

Not for worldly fame

But to suffer cruel shame

And save us by rising again

O blessed be His Name

16.0           When satan wanted to wipe out humanity, Jesus intervened

Satan came like an overflowing flood

But Jesus crushed the serpent’s head

By shedding His precious Blood

And fulfilling God’s Plan in His eternal Word

17.0           Choose Jesus who died for you

So give your heart to Jesus today

Lean on Him, He’ll be your stay

Follow Him along the narrow way

Trust Him, your night will become day

18.0           Jesus calls you

God’s Love

Bckons you above

Forget your past

Don’t end up last

Fly up to your eternal rest

Arrive in time for your eternal fest

19.0           Seek God’s Throne and a faithful crown

Keep your feet on the ground

Your heart on the victors crown

Your hope on your heavenly home

Your destination God’s Throne

20.0           Your soon coronation costed Christ’s Blood

Earned for you at Christ’s Cross

Come to Him you’ll never suffer loss

Jesus shed His precious Blood

Come to Him and with true joy your soul will flood

Everlasting peace just like He said

21.0           Earthly gold is corrupt, seek real wealth

Heaven’s streets are paved with gold

Gates of pearls and saints of old

No one enters that Christ’s Hand did not hold

Be washed by His Blood and join His fold

22.0           Naked you came, naked you will leave earth, so believe Jesus

You will leave your wealth

Rotting on this earth

Ending in your grave

All you have saved

Your life will soon be past

What is done for Christ alone will last

23.0           Can you tell me more about Jesus?

The closer you walk with Jesus, the more you will begin to understand the ten unique characteristics of this infinite God, who engulfs us with His ocean of love:





5. LOVE:





10. True Wisdom of God:

24.0          True inspirations for your new life in Jesus

24.1          Don’t worry about tomorrow

Tomorrow is in God’s Nail Scarred Powerful Almighty Hands. True Christianity is putting your trust in God today for tomorow! Let God take you in His hand and fashion your future according to His will and make you His masterpiece. If you trust the faucet to flow when you open it, the door knob to work when you twist it, the rain to fall when it thunders and your car to start when you turn on the ignition why not God the Creator of all things including you who is all powerful and with whom nothing is impossible? Even as you cannot live without oxygen, you cannot live without God. You will fail without Him. But why wait until it is too late? Repent and turn to God. Hold on to God’s promises in His Word the Holy Bible. Jesus Christ said, “I will never leave thee nor forsake thee. Is 43: When you pass through the waters I will be with thee and the rivers, they shall not overflow thee, and when you walk through the fire you will not be burned. Quit worrying and start praising. You were created to praise God. Leave the rest to your Creator who is your Father, God Almighty. He that spared not His own Son but gave Him up for us all, how shall He not with Him also give us all things. Focus on His face, not His blessings. Seek Him Love Him Worship Him and it shall be well with you!

24.2           Trust Jesus at all times

Have faith in Jesus Christ who can do all things for us to His Glory. He raised the dead, He healed the sick, He gave sight to the blind, He healed the deaf, He made the lame to walk and He made sinners saints through His precious blood. Above all He rose from the dead and even so we who are alive and remain unto the coming of our Lord will be caught up alive in a transformed body in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air and so shall we ever be with the Lord. The dead in Christ shall be raised in a transformed body just like Jesus Christ and ascend with us to meet our Heavenly Father.

24.3            If you trust God and move forward, you will begin to see wonders

Kannunnu Njan Vishvasathal Malayalam Song to English:

I will not fear because he lives

He holds tomorrow by faith I’ll stand

Mountain start moving rivers stop flowing

When I move forward in Jesus Name

He split the red sea when I moved forward

I saw by faith things impossible

Faith is the substance faith is the evidence

By faith I can see all things unseen

Jericho walls will stop you from moving

If you keep staring tremble and frown

Lift up your eyes to the one who made you

If you start praising walls will come down

The fiery furnace the deepest waters

Will try to stop you from moving on

But He is faithful to keep you forever

Keep moving onward battle is won

The days were passing all hope was ending

Then after four days Jesus appeared

If you believe now you’ll see God’s glory

The devil’s plan will be overthrown

Is anything too hard for the maker

Who made the stars and called them by name

He’s our provider He’s our deliverer

He even conquered death and the grave


Invite Jesus Christ into your life.  He is knocking on your heart’s door.   Commit your life to Jesus today as you listen to these songs on youtube

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