Watch “I Will Go Before You Song Jesus Gave Me Just Before New Year Uplifting Inspiring Transforming” on YouTube


Today the world is so dark
Infested with demons like dogs they bark
Christians tortured brothers sisters stalked
No one helps all we hear is talk
Fanatics murderers freely walk

Unto the Lord our God we cried
When the earth was without form and void
And demons thought God’s plan had been foiled
Amidst the darkest night
God saw our plight
And cried, “Let there be light”

When the body of Jesus by His loved ones were laid
In the darkest night, in an empty cave
The one by Whom the heaven’s were made
Was alive in the Spirit storming hell’s gates

Demons bowed down when Jesus came
Knowing Christ had received from the Father this mighty Name
Jesus Christ the Son of God with power rose again
The stone was rolled away as He ascended from the grave
Nothing could stop Him from proving His claim
Therefore, He alone is God and His empty grave shouts loud His fame

The counsel of the Lord standeth for ever
He alone stands in ultimate power
Listen to His Voice as He speaks this hour
“I am with you my child do not fear
I said I will never leave you, didn’t you hear?
I will allways be with you for ever
I will not leave you, no never”

“When you trust me and go forward
I will march before you onward
Don’t balk at the enemy, don’t be a coward
When you hold up your Bible, demons will fall backward”

When you’re surrounded by the Red Sea
Nowhere to hide, nowhere to flee
Pharaoh’s chariots rattle, and his army screams
God’s heavenly army, no one can see
Jesus will fight for you, just hold your peace
You will see your enemies sinking in the deep

O Israel, trust in the Lord
He alone is your Almighty God
Look up to the hills from whence cometh your help
Your help cometh from the Lord which made heaven and earth

Trust in God’s mighty arm
Even though you’re tossed in the storm
In your life this may never have been the norm
Don’t fear child, you won’t suffer harm
Don’t be shaken, don’t be alarmed
The night is darkest just before the dawn

Watch “Moving Forward Powered by Jesus Christ Breaking Obstacles Moving Mountains visit” on YouTube

Watch “I Will Go Before You Song Jesus Gave Me Just Before New Year Uplifting Inspiring Transforming” on YouTube

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