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For God’s protection and security
Prayer is the key
To stopping the enemy
Terrorists demons and insanity

For when we pray
God will fix our broken fence today
When the weakest kneel down to pray
The enemy will tremble and shake

For even the mightiest foe
Cannot stand before our God we know
When we pray, God will release His power
For our God is a consuming fire

When we kneel down and pray for this land
Christ will bless us with His nail scarred Hand
Even though all the terrorists against us may band
Upon Christ the solid Rock we can victoriously stand

Prayer is the key
To God’s treasury
Riches of His Grace, Glory and Mercy
These are the true riches
The Bible teaches

Prayer is the key
To a bonded family
Laws reform
Prayer transforms
When Jesus prayed
The fashion of His countenance changed

Prayer is the key
To peace and harmony
When we fall on our knees
The enemy will flee
Today the focus is on money
That is pure baloney
When we pay, the place is taken
But when we pray, the place is shaken

Prayer is the key
So we can by faith receive
God’s power for our daily needs
Prayer is life’s Institute
Don’t substitute:
Programs for prayer
Organizers for agonizers
Gossipers for intercessors
Flattery for prophesy
Notions for Revelations
Empty words for power
Glitter for faith tested by fire
Noise for obedience to God’s Voice
Trifles for principles
Accusation for exhortation
Bitterness for loving kindness
Man’s opinion for God’s direction
Fiction for God’s instruction
Paperwork for God’s Divine help
Paper statements for hearts firm commitment
Numbers for prayer warriors

Prayer is the key
To doing God’s ministry
For on your knees you should plead
Daily for the flock you lead
Have you seen today?
How people seek popularity
You may be known on earth very well
But are you really known by Lucifer?
Does your prayer shatter the gates of hell?
The demons said, “we know Jesus and Paul”
But you’re a nobody, we’ll trip and make you fall
Know God intimately on your knees
Then when you stand up, demons will flee
O Lord, give me thy power
So I will show Jesus to others

Prayer is the key
To understanding God’s mystery
When we are puzzled in life’s valley
Nowhere to turn feeling lonely
When we pray, our God will stay
And guide us through life’s narrow way

Prayer is the key
When you’re blocked by the sea
Pursued by the enemy
With arrows deadly and feary
When you pray, God will open the door
So all can pass safely to the other shore

Prayer is the key
To overcoming worry
That pulls you down like gravity
When you pray, your Spirit will Soar
And your soul like a lion will roar
And you will see Jesus, going on before

Prayer is the key
To overcoming calamity
Sorrow, pain and life’s tragedy
For when we earnestly pray
God will show us His beautiful way
When I pray, my eyes begin to see
The glorious future God has for me

Pray for rulers and authorities
That God will help them realize their priorities
To be proactive not reactive
To be creative not destructive
That this nation we love will be blessed from above
God bless the USA
As we fall on our knees today
Father I pray this nation will come back to thee
That evil will be uprooted from this country
Give us victory in our fight to protect liberty

Prayer is the key
To bringing back this country
From the grips of war, terror and adversity
When we pray, our God is near
Breathing in our ear
“Child, there is nothing to fear”

Prayer is the key
To attaining God’s Glory
To ignoring vanity
And becoming one with the Most Holy
When we who are dust, continue to pray
Our spirit, soul and body will fly away
Above the universe
To the land where Jesus dwells

Watch “Prayer Changes Everything Our Prayer Will Shake God’s Hand and God’s Hand Will Shake the Earth” on YouTube

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