Why should you fear?
When Jesus Christ is near
He will soon appear
To fulfill your desire

The One Who walked on the waters
Almighty God goes before us
No weapon against you shall prosper
Closed gates shatter
He grinds mountains to powder

Why should you wear a frown?
When the God of Glory came down
And on Calvary all our battles won
With the blood that flowed from His Crown
That through His Spirit we can all become one
Don’t worry, our Lord will soon come
Smile, for even the darkest night yields to the Son

Prophets of doom
Keep predicting gloom
Haven’t you read Psalm 91
That we are in God’s Shadow and all battles will be won?

Yes, we will have burdens in this life
Until one day we become the Lamb’s Wife
So don’t be misled into thinking
That into the mire we will be sinking

For our Savior is coming
To change us in a twinkling
Into His image and reflection
Through His blood Spirit and Word we will gain perfection
The angels announced His manifestation
To save the church from tribulation

So instead of staring at this planet
Focus on Jesus your magnet
Look up, the cloud has come
To take us to our eternal home
Made of gems and clear gold
To dwell with Jesus and the saints of old

Stop worrying,
Rise up praising
Look up and lift up your heads
Serve Jesus, give Him your best
Don’t faint, you will pass the test

God’s Love
Bckons you above
Forget your past
Don’t end up last
Fly up to your eternal rest
Arrive in time for your eternal fest

Jesus sits at the head of the table
You may be feeble
But with Christ’s strength you’ll be enabled
To dwell in the heavenly Jerusalem
And rejoice forever that your work on earth is done

So give your heart to Jesus today
Lean on Him, He’ll be your stay
Follow Him along the narrow way
Trust Him, your night will become day

Watch “Moving Forward Powered by Jesus Christ Breaking Obstacles Moving Mountains” on YouTube

Watch “Obedience to God’s Word and Christ’s Church Bride” on YouTube

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